Novia Foundation exists to support projects and initiatives that aim to improve and help the lives of people in Bath and the surrounding area.   

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The Novia Foundation has been established to support projects and initiatives for the benefit of people in and around the city of Bath, and other parts of the United Kingdom at the discretion of the trustees. By supporting charitable organisations, individuals and volunteering activities, the Novia Foundation can actively give something back to benefit and improve the local communities around us. We believe that even small things can make a big difference.

The Novia Foundation will support a wide range of diverse local communities extending into many walks of life. Assisting these causes will help lead to the creation of vibrant and flourishing communities around us for the benefit of many.     

Novia Financial is based in the heart of Bath, and has always been proud to support local causes. The Novia Foundation will continue to build on this ethos and take it to the next level. 

Novia Foundation CIO registered charity number 1176128.