This section of the website contains information about the wide range of Investments and Product Wrappers available through Novia. 

Novia makes available a very broad range of investments - not just daily dealt Unit Trusts and OEICs but also a wide range of unregulated funds, structured products, ETFs and Investment Trusts, cash deposits and access to direct equity trading. This includes:

  • over 6000 lines of assets - 3500 funds from more than 300 managers - offshore and onshore, retail and institutional, authorised and unregulated, non-daily dealt. 
  • cash deposits from major providers - including Cater Allen, and Metro Bank.
  • structured products from a number of providers - including Investec, Morgan Stanley, Mariana Capital, Meteor, and Walker Cripps. 
  • over 400 Exchange Traded Funds - including aggregated trading on providers such as ETF Securities, BlackRock iShares, DB x-trackers and Lyxor.
  • Sterling denominated equities traded on the LSE including: FTSE All Share, AIM listed stocks, Gilted and corporate bonds, Investment Trusts.
  • a number of unregulated investments from around the world - including hedge funds and other non-daily dealt alternative investments.

The full range of funds available on the Novia platform along with associated charges and wrapper permissibility can be viewed on our 'Investments List' by clicking here.