Cash Management

We understand the importance cash can play in a client's portfolio and offer a range of solutions to ensure that cash can be managed in the most effective manner. The Novia wealth management service includes a number of cash management options.

Advisers seeking more information on cash deposits available through Novia should speak to their Regional Sales Manager - details are available here. To view our latest Indicative Cash Rates, please click here. 

Important Information about Instant Access accounts:  
  • Instant Access accounts will be dealt with on an individual, non-aggregated basis. 
  • If you wish to access a product from one of the providers below, please contact Client Services and ensure  your instruction names the specific provider and product. If you wish to invest in a particular product issue please ensure you have requested the product and we have received a fully and correctly completed instruction and cleared monies in advance of this. 
  • Advisers should be aware that an account cannot be used until Novia receive a correctly completed and signed Trust letter from the provider to comply with FCA client money rules. This may take several weeks. 
  • A £100,000 minimum deposit per client will apply. 
  • These interest rates are only indicative. Rates may change without notice. Advisers using these accounts should monitor the rates for their clients. Contact details are included in the Further Details column. 
  • Instant Access, as individual accounts, cannot be held in offshore bond. 
ProviderProducts AvailableFurther DetailsMore Information
Metro Bank Instant Access - Cash Deposit Interest rates as determined by provider
Minimum investment of £100,000.
Click here
Cash Funds

Cash funds in the form of Unit Trusts or Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) enable you to purchase units or shares in a cash based collective investment vehicle. These highly liquid funds allow you to hold money with other investors, potentially offering reduced risk and higher returns than investing your cash individually.

Novia makes available a number of cash funds from market leading investment houses. Full details of all the funds available can be found on the Investment List, available here.

We make available cash funds from investment managers including:

  • BlackRock
  • Carmignac
  • Henderson
  • Aviva
  • Fidelity
  • Invesco Perpetual
  • L & G
  • Royal London
  • Insight
  • Aberdeen
Cash Facility
  • All of your cash and investments are protected by Novia in accordance with the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority that protect client money and assets. 
  • All Novia Product Wrappers include an integral Cash Facility where monies can be held and will attract interest. For more details on the Cash Facility please click here.
  • Through Novia you may also access a number of other cash investments offering a wider range of return and maturity.
More Information

Clients seeking more information about how cash can be managed through the service or whether the options available through Novia may be suitable should speak to their adviser.